A list of ten top tier trends to position for in 2018 was recently posted under the title: Ten Large Objects on the Highway to Healthcare in 2018.

Here's the full narrative that drives this list of trends, as published in MCOLBlog:

Merger Mania

Have you checked out the Library of #hcsmR journal articles? This Healthcare Social Media Research a a collaboration between Symplur and Stanford Medicine X. You can register to be notified whenever new content is uploaded. The library, in addition to the linked titles, indicate author(S). year, and publsihing journal, plus Altmetric and Impact Factor.

The CDC tells us that "conditions in the places where people live, learn, work, and play affect a wide range of health risks and outcomes. These conditions are known as social determinants of health (SDOH). The CDC has a dedicated SDOH web resources page that is worth checking out.

Here are six selected recent videos that can provide greater understanding of SDOH concepts, topics and issues, that have been posted to HealthShareTV:


So why are prescription drug prices consuming an ever larger slice of the healthcare cost pie? Here's seven recent takes on that question, posted in HealthShareTV:

1. Blue Promise: Why are Prescriptions So Expensive?
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas - 2 minutes, 51 seconds: Dr. Dan McCoy discusses the cost drivers and tips for consumers to lower their expenses.

Here are six selected recently published shorter-length videos, now posted to HealthShareTV, from national news organizations providing national perspectives on the opioid crisis in healthcare:

Combating America’s opioid crisis
6 min 48 sec - Fox Business via YouTube: Cleveland Clinic CEO Dr. Toby Cosgrove on health care reform and combating the opioid crisis....

Despite all the video out there, podcasts continue to remain a popular vehicle for keeping current -especially for those trapped in a car, train or plane, or those enduring a long workout. There are of course many must-listen podcasts offered by individuals or specialtized sites, but here are direct links to five selected sources of podcasts from major organizations of note, that continue to roll out new offerings and that you can turn to new content:


HYP3R is a startup offering a real-time, location-based social media engagement platform. They have introduced the Geosocial Index, designed to measure "the world’s top places, ranked by social activity and capacity." The index focuses on measuring activity related to hotels, stadiums, airports, theme parks, landmarks, and yes - hospitals.

A quick examination of the top 15 YouTube videos by views this year as of today, returned with the search term healthcare, provides these fairly useless takeaways on how to get your healthcare video to the top of the list:

What to make of the health care bill just passed by the house? We've got you covered. We selected six key videos and posted them in HealthShareTV, discussing various policy, political and practical aspects regarding the impact of the bill passing the house:

A plethora of pieces are published on millennials and healthcare social media, given that millennials are the drivers of social media and with every year they age, healthcare moves up another notch in awareness. Here's a sampling of writings in the past few weeks on this topic: