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Terms of Use
Use of this site is subject to the HealthSprocket Terms of Use. The Terms of Use also provide more detailed information that may assist you in use of various features in this site.
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Browsing for Lists
There are a variety of ways you can Browse for Lists. Editor's Picks, Featured list, and the newest submitted lists are  provided on the home page. A general search and various list menu options are also available in the left column on each page (those options are also included in the Browse page.)
If you select Browse from the top menu, you can search for lists by: search box for word(s) in list; list category (see below); newest lists; most viewed lists, lists trending this month, top rated lists (see rating lists below); fact based lists, opinion based lists, or Video and Audio Lists.
The left column menu on each page includes the above options, and also provides these additional choices: Featured Lists (submitted by Sponsors); Recent Comments; Most Commented Lists and Lists by Author.
Searching for word(s) in lists searches only the lists in healthsprpcket, whereas if you use the "Search HealthSprocket" search box provided in the top of the left menu, all pages of healthsprocket are searched, inlcuding non-list pages.
A number of these browsing options allow you to sort the relevant lists by applicable fields available in that option. For example, when browsing Most Viewed Lists, you can sort by number of views, or by list title. To sort, simply click the column header. List menus that can be sorted appear in the upper left column of each page below the search box (those items, plus additional options discussed above also appear in the Browse page.
When you view a list, suggested lists for additional browsing will appear below that list. The suggestions are based upon certain keywords contained in that list, as well as the category of the list.
List Categories
Lists submitted must be categorized into one or more of the following categories in the list submission form; and submitted lists may be browsed by these categories:
  • Clinical (clinical and treatment information, care management, etc.)
  • Consumers/Patients (behavior, demographics, utilization, etc.)
  • Coverage/Costs (plans, employers, benefits, premiums, cost of care)
  • General (other)
  • International (outside U.S.)
  • Legal/Regulatory (reform, compliance, legal issues, government, policy, regulations, etc)
  • Pharmaceutical (prescriptions, pharmacies, pharma, life sciences)
  • Providers (Hospitals, physicians, networks, other providers)
  • Technology (information technology, care technology)
  • Social Media (health care social media)
  • Mobile Health (mobile health care applications)
  • Satirical (health care humor and satire)
You must register to submit, comment on, or rate lists, and to receive the SprocketRocket e-newsletter. If you register, lists and other content you post will indicate your registered name.
Submitting a List:
You must be a Registered User and login to submit a List.
  • Click here to review the List Submission Policy with further information and guidelines on list submissions. Remember for fact-based lists to not violate any copyrights or other unauthorized use of third-party content. 
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Fact vs. Opinion vs. Video/Audio Lists
You must designate each list you submit as Fact Based, Opinion Based or Video and Audio.
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Editing or Deleting a List
To edit or delete your list, you must log-in and navigate to your list. Once on the page select the edit tab to edit as required. To delete your list click the Remove List from healthsprocket link provided below the list. Once you have deleted the list, it cannot be recovered, meaning you would need to re-submit the list to restore it.
Flagging a List
You can flag applicable content as spam or offensive, using the link provided below each list. You can also use this flag if you feel thte list violates the healthsprocket rules of conduct, as stated in the General Terms of Use, such as use of profanity or other abusive language, advertising, or content otherwise inappropriate for healthsprocket. You can also Click here to report any content that you feel should be flagged. 
Rating Lists
Registered users that have logged in can rate any list, on a scale of 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest) sprockets. On each list page, below the actual list, the average rating for the list (average score from all users that have rated the list, and the number of votes cast) will appear, along with the rating you assigned to the list. The ratings will be indicated in red (if the average rating is 3 sprockets, three sprockets will be red, and the two remaining sprockets will be gray.) If you have not rated a list, the first icon (a dash - surrounded by a circle) will be colored red. You can change your rating at any time, including to revert back to not-rated. You can only rate once per list.
Submitting a Comment
You must be a Registered User and login to submit a Comment to a list, a blog entry, or a reply to a comment. Such comments can be made regarding any list or blog entry, simply be clicking the comment link provided.
Editing a Comment
To edit an existing comment, you must log-in and navigate to that comment. Only the user posting the comment can edit the comment. To edit the comment, click the edit link provided below the comment While you can edit an existing comment at any time, please note an existing comment can not be deleted.
Reviewing Comments
If any comments have been made regarding a list, the comments will appear below the list. If you want to search for comments, you can select Recent Comments or Most Commented Lists from the left menu on each page.
Adding favorites to your SprocketPocket
A SprocketPocket is a customized page you can build that provides links to your favorite HealthSprocket lists and pages. You must be a Registered User and Logged In to create and add to your SprocketPocket page. After you have created your SprocketPage, you can add any list or page to your SprocketPocket simply by clicking the "Add to SprocketPocket" link provided.
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Subscribing or Unsubscribing to SprocketRockets
SprocketRockets is the healthsprocket e-mail newsletter. If you have registered with healthsprocket, you are automatically subscribed to receive SprocketRockets and other healthsprocket e-mail announcements. You can unsubscribe at any time, and if you are registered, unsubscribing will not affect your other privileges as a registered user.