HealthSprocket is the home for health care lists. The healthsprocket community of health care professionals and others can read, rate, discuss and post lists. HealthSprocket has ongoing advertising opportunities available to appropriate organizations that can benefit from reaching out to the healthsprocket community.

Web Site Advertising
Banner advertising is available within the healthsprocket web site, with various options for placement

e-mail Advertising
e-mail advertising is available in the form of banner advertising in SprocketRockets, the healthsprocket e-newsletter to the healthsprocket community, and dedicated Sponsor e-blast announcements to SprocketRocket recipients.

Sponsored Featured Lists
Sponsored Lists are available with sponsor logo, link and summary information provided below the list title. Only Sponsored Lists appear in the Featured Lists menu, but they also will apear in all other applicable list menus and searches. Recent featured lists are listed in the Current Sprocket Rocket e-newsletter. An exclusive primary featured list opportunity is also available on a weekly basis, with home page placement, and available for featured placement in the SprocketRocket e-newsletters.

Additional Opportunities
We are also open to consideration of your ideas for other potential sponsorship and advertising opportunities.

Please Note
HealthSprocket will only accept advertising and sponsorships determined to be compatible with the healthsprocket community. HealthSprocket is pleased to work with interested Advertising Agencies on behalf of their clients.

For Additional Information
In order to obtain more detailed information including an ad kit or pricing quotations, please do not hesitate to contact us at 209.577.4888 or use the advertising information contact form.